Baked tea with alcohol

Original drink which combines the fruity taste of Baked tea with the power of alcohol.

Those, who have already visited the hills and mountains of Slavic countries, already know that alcohol doesn’t necessarily have to be only “The bane of humanity,” but can be a good helper in harsh winters. Especially in mountains and in hard-to-reach areas drinks with alcohol were always common, and many mountaineers, skiers, or adventurers will appreciate drinks from Nature Notea that will warm up their body and soul!

You don’t have to wait for cold days, though… Baked tea with alcohol is a great component of bar drinks.

Thanks to the high amount of fruit it does not only taste great but even eliminates some negative effects of alcohol.

Warmth and satisfaction guaranteed!

Single-portion package with alcohol (60 ml)

A single portion of Baked tea with added alcohol! Great as a small gift. Ideally adapted size of packaging for HORECA. Pour out the content of the jar into a mug or a glass (max 0.25 ml) and add hot water (at least 80 °C).

  • Aloe

    and tequila
  • Blackcurrant

    and gin
  • Apple

    and rum
  • Raspberry

    and vodka
  • Apricot

    and apricot brandy
  • Blackberry

    and vodka
  • Orange

    and rum
  • Plum

    and plum brandy
  • Sour cherry

    and cherry liqueur