Frozen fruit

Frozen fruit is another innovative product from our workshop.
The icy version of the Baked tea takes this product from the oven right to ice. 

Frozen fruit is our answer for everybody, who is looking for cool drinks without any chemical substitutes and preservatives. We have prepared baked tea mixed with filtered water and put it into a bottle (340 ml).

Thus a unique beverage intended for direct consumption was born.

Frozen Fruit

Refreshment full of caramelized fruit and selected spices, You can enjoy it anywhere you want in 8 different flavours.

  • Cranberry

    with cinnamon
  • Aloe

    with ginger
  • Blackcurrant

    with cardamom
  • Apple

    with cinnamon
  • Raspberry

    with cinnamon
  • Blackberry

    with cardamom
  • Sour cherry

    with cardamom