Where to purchase?


You can find our products at well supplied retail shops with interest in new and quality products from the Czech production. They are usually shops focusing on healthy lifestyle, tea, stores offering delicacies, and last but not least: gift shops, and anywhere where our products can apply excellently as “Additional assortment”.

Are you a store owner? Would you like to cooperate with us in selling our products at your store? Or perhaps would you like to see our products at your favourite shop?

Let us know by email, or call us – We have some interesting cooperation terms ready. 


We supply our main product – The Baked tea in neat glass packagings to hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Pieces of fruit with a delightful taste and their variable use – even with cold water – make The Baked tea a great alternative in the drink menu to coffee or even real tea. Baked tea is natural. It does not contain theine or caffeine, and its preparation is quick and very easy. It is also very popular in candy stores, sports centers, and skiing bars.

Are you an operator or an owner of a business in the HORECA field? Would you like to cooperate with us to expand your drink selection? Or perhaps, would you like to have The Baked tea in your favourite establishment?

Let us know by email, or call us – we have prepared advertising brochures and other publicity materials.


The stores where you can choose from a wide assortment of our goods. In these stores, you can always find all new items from our future production. In most of the mentioned partner stores, there will be tasting events and special offers.

You can contact our sales representatives, and they will inform you about our offered goods.